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University of Structural Engineering & Architecture
(VSU) "Lyuben Karavelov" - Sofia

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Degree program: Сivil Engineering and Architecture, Curriculum 2014

Course: САСС-15 Geodesy

хоноруван преподавател

Contact hours: 75h, 45h lectures, 30h seminars

Self-study hours: 75h, 75h practical training

Assessment: written examination

Year, semester, weekly workload: Year 1, semester 2, lectures 3.0h, seminars 2.0h

ECTS - 4

The first topics in the syllabus cover issues related to the measure units, used in geodesy, co-ordinate systems, elements of the theory of approximation, as well as processing of data from land surveying. Subsequently,  issues related to measuring angles, distances and elevations and the use of geodetic tools are presented. These are followed by Issues of making geodetic plans and maps, starting with the required set of reference points and the methods for their setting and use. The last part of the syllabus covers land surveying in construction, related to engineering and surveying research, design and layout of buildings and facilities, constructed with various technological methods, analysis of vertical and horizontal deformations of buildings and facilities.
During their field training (course project), students solve problems on making geodetic plans, design and tracing of buildings and facilities.


253 0.062