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University of Structural Engineering & Architecture
(VSU) "Lyuben Karavelov" - Sofia

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Degree program: Сivil Engineering and Architecture, Curriculum 2014

Course: САСС-41 Building Services

Contact hours: 45h, 30h lectures, 15h seminars

Self-study hours: 45h, 45h practical training

Course assessments: 1

Assessment: written examination

Year, semester, weekly workload: Year 3, semester 5, lectures 2.0h, seminars 1.0h

ECTS - 2

The academic course "Installations in buildings" introduces students to the scope, content, sequence and requirements for activities related to the running and fixing of various types of engineering installations in buildings - electrical, plumbing, HVAC and other systems. Another main focus of the course is on different types of installation nets, their purpose and their components being part of the construction of buildings and facilities; basic technical, regulatory and structural requirements for different types of installations, as well as design principles and dimensioning of various engineering systems.

The course project requires an individual assignment for each student. It may be developed independently as it undergoes phases, for it is based on specific instructions given to the exercises. The course project sections are submitted to and checked over by a professor - during academic or consultation hours. Eventually, a final approval is given, evaluation is made and defense of the course project takes place.


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