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University of Structural Engineering & Architecture
(VSU) "Lyuben Karavelov" - Sofia

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Degree program: Сivil Engineering and Architecture, Curriculum 2014

Course: САСС-52 Construction Technology

Faculty: Department “Technology and Construction Management”

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. Ofeliya Lazova-Velinova -

Contact hours: 60h, 45h lectures, 15h seminars

Self-study hours: 60h, 60h practical training

Course assessments: 1

Assessment: written examination

Year, semester, weekly workload: Year 3, semester 6, lectures 3.0h, seminars 1.0h

ECTS - 4

Main topics: Basic concepts and principles in the technology of construction processes. Transport works. Temporary roads. Technological schemes and maps. Construction-technological properties of soils. Soil piercing. Drainage and temporary reinforcement of the excavations. Earthworks with excavators, scrapers, bulldozers, motor graders. Prefabricated formwork for walls, columns, slabs and beam-slabs. Large planar and spatial formwork for walls and slabs. Framework and beam formwork. Types of reinforcement and reinforcement products. Installation of reinforcement in the formwork. Preparation and transport of concrete mixtures. Concreting and compacting of the constructions. Monolithic concrete and concrete with joints. Concrete curing in winter. Accelerated curing by chemical additives. Installation of building structures – structure of the process. Transport and storage of the prefabricated building structures. Selection and application of cranes.

Course Assessment 1: Earthworks: The student defines the volume of the earthworks according to their knowledge. They find right balance and the distribution of the earthworks. They select and offer sets of machines and technological schemes to carry out the excavation works.

Course Assessment 2: Reinforced Concrete Works: The student chooses an effective type of formwork, defines the load and put up the dimensions of the main formwork. They construct and graphically present the basic elements of formwork forms and scaffoldings. They set the deadlines for removal the formwork. They selects efficient sets of forms.

Course Assessment 3: Construction and assembly works: Each student, on an individual assignment, produces constructive-technoloical analysis of the prefabricated building (plant) with the defined parameters of the prefabricated elements and the selected cranes on graphic-analytical method. A scheme of the storage of the elements is also drawn up. The mounting positions and movements of the crane are determined and graphically presented.


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