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University of Structural Engineering & Architecture
(VSU) "Lyuben Karavelov" - Sofia

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Course Descriptions

Degree program: Civil Egineering, Curriculum 2014

Course: ССС-9 Geodesy

Contact hours: 75h, 45h lectures, 30h seminars

Self-study hours: 0h,

Course projects: 1

Assessment: written examination

Year, semester, weekly workload: Year 1, semester 2, lectures 3.0h, seminars 2.0h

ECTS - 6

Main topics: Subject, tasks and importance of geodesy. Shape and dimensions of the Earth. Measuring units. Scales. Theodolite – composition and classification. Checking and correction of the axial conditions of the theodolite. Direct measurement of lengths. Measurement of height differences. Types of leveling. Calculating the coordinates of points by means of forward intersection with adjacent angles. Polygons. Calculation and adjustment of point coordinates by included and closed polygon traverse. Geodetic survey methods – orthogonal, polar, photogrammetric. Solving of problems on topographic plans and maps. Numerical determination of areas. Substantiation of the accuracy of tracing and construction-assembly works on the basis of construction-assembly tolerances. Geodetic tracing base. Project for tracing of buildings and facilities. Transfer of points, axes and elevations to the initial building horizon (on zero elevation). Engineering geodetic works during the construction of the over-ground part of buildings and facilities. 


260 0.083