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University of Structural Engineering & Architecture
(VSU) "Lyuben Karavelov" - Sofia

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Course Descriptions

Degree program: Civil Egineering, Curriculum 2014

Course: ССС-19 Strength of Materials

Faculty: Mechanics and Mathematics

Prof. DSc. Eng. Konstantin Kazakov -
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. Anita Handruleva -

Contact hours: 60h, 30h lectures, 30h seminars

Self-study hours: 0h,

Assessment: next semester

Year, semester, weekly workload: Year 2, semester 3, lectures 2.0h, seminars 2.0h

ECTS - 4

Main topics: Subject, purpose and tasks of the discipline. Theoretical model of a deformable rigid body. Definition of cross-section forces and drawing of their diagrams. Planar problem. Differential dependences of Jurawski. Three-dimensional stressed state. Strained state. Generalized and simple Hooke’s law. General plan for solving the problem of strength of materials. Admissible stresses. Statically determinate and indeterminate problems. Inertial moments in coordinate system translation. Steiner’s theorems. Navier’s formula. Special bending combined with shear. Full dimensioning. Stressed state. Bending strain. Method of integration of the elastic line differential equation. Clapeyron’s theorem. Maxwell-Mohr integrals. Castiglano’s theorem. Castigliano’s theorem. Vereschagin’s rule. Classical strength theories. Euler’s formula for the critical force, basic cases, limit of applicability. Buckling above the proportionality limit. Dimensioning – classical method, φ - method.


14 0.007