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University of Structural Engineering & Architecture
(VSU) "Lyuben Karavelov" - Sofia

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Research & Development at VSU

The implementation of scientific research is integral part of activity of the academic staff of VSU.

Priorities in the scientific research activity at VSU are:

    1. Modeling of a modern educational system for preparation of construction specialists with higher education;
    2. Buildings and Installations Reinforcing, Renovation and Reconstruction;
    3. Development and Improvement of Construction Enterprising;
    4. Production control, testing and assessment of construction products and their certification;
    5. Overcoming of consequences after natural disasters, accidents and catastrophes.

Scientific sessions and conferences are organized and conducted annually at VSU. Teachers and students from the School and participants from different universities and scientific institutions from Bulgaria and abroad deliver their reports of scientific achievements.

Scientific-research projects elaborated during 2005:


Name of Project

Project Director


Decreasing of ecologic tension in the environment with prefabricated walls construction

Assoc. Prof. Architect Y. Alexandrov
Department of Construction Structures & Architecture


Research of the temperature areas in thermal treated reinforced concrete structures

Chief Assistant T. Georgiev
Department of Construction Structures & Architecture


Assessment of the remaining strength in cutting soils of sliding   surfaces of landslides.

Eng. Hr. Zayakova  - PhD student
Department of Low-rise Construction


Introducing of new standard methods for testing of polymeric and composite materials for construction.

Assoc. Prof. L. Vitanov
Department of Low-rise Construction


Management of Quality Control Project of VSU “L. Karavelov“.

Chief Assistant Z. Alexandrova
Department of Construction Management


Geodesy Methods for Research of Deformations of Chimneys and Related Big Installations.

Assoc. Prof.. Z. Zenkov
Department of Low-rise Construction


Analysis of the Calculation Models of Space Pole Structures.

Eng. V. Donchev  - PhD student

Department of Mechanics


Renovation and Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Elements with Defects and Damages or Insufficient Carrying Capacity.

Eng. V. Slavchev  - PhD student
Department of Construction Structures & Architecture


Differential Geometry of Hyper surfaces in Polymeric Euclidean Space.

Chief Assistant V.Milusheva 
Department of Mathematics and Informatics”


Research of Labor Conditions in VSU

Assoc. Prof. Hr. Popivanov
Department of Construction Technology & Mechanization


Structure and Architecture Aspects in the Confirmation of Panel Buildings.

Assoc. Prof. G. Georgiev 
Department of Construction Structures & Architecture


Assessment of Tensions in Combined Reinforced Concrete Structures with Recording of Reolog. Qualities of Concrete.

Assoc. Prof. Partov
Department of Mechanics


Research of the mechanical behavior of three-ply elements with MKE

Eng. Milen Petkov  - PhD student
Department of Mechanics


Energy Research of VSU Buildings and Offers for Efficient Decisions.

Assoc. Prof. S. Gasharov
Department of Mechanics


Adaptation of the Fruit-stores cameras and of the Refrigerator Storehouses used for second purpose for medical aims (operation rooms and operation blocks) in  extreme situations.

Assistant Architect L. Alexandrova
Department of Construction Structures & Architecture


Expert Systems in Construction

Assoc. Prof. N. Gorolomov
Department of Mathematics and Informatics”


Concrete and Reinforced Concrete Beams with Pressure Belts of Prefabricated Elements.

Eng. B. Daalov – PhD student
Department of Construction Structures & Architecture


Space research of Buildings in different models and Strength of the Carrying Reinforced Concrete Structure

Chief Assistant Vl. Vasilev
Department of Construction Structures & Architecture


Elaboration of Methods for Holding a State Examination for degree “specialist in...“, degree program “Buildings and Installations Construction“.

Assoc. Prof. A. Lazov

Department of Construction Technology & Mechanization


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