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University of Structural Engineering & Architecture
(VSU) "Lyuben Karavelov" - Sofia

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Research and Development Sector

position, name phone (+ 359 2) E-mail
Head of R&D Sector
Assoc. Prof. eng. Ventseslav Stoyanov, PhD
80 29 130
Coordinator of the scientific, research and publishing activity
Assist. Prof. eng. Iliana Stoynova
80 29 049

The Research and Development Sector (R&D Sector) is the unit for coordination and administration of the conducted scientific and applied researches. It has been established in 1977 with a Resolution of the Science, Technical Progress and Higher Education Committee of the Republic of Bulgaria. Its basic aim is to attend to the conducted scientific, research, project, expert-technical work and the related to them activities and to contribute to the integration of the scientific researches to the education process. The R&D Sector provides its activities with the financial incomes from signed contracts, according to the Obligations and Contracts Law. In the fulfillment of the contract assignments there can participate professors, officials, students, PhD students and part time assistants. Since its establishment till the present moment through the R&D Sector have been financed and developed over 600 themes and assignments.



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