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University of Structural Engineering & Architecture
(VSU) "Lyuben Karavelov" - Sofia

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Borislav Borisov
проф. д-р арх. Константин Бояджиев проф. д-р ландш. арх. Пенчо Добрев доц. д-р арх. Валентина Върбанова Assoc. Prof. Dr. Blagovesta Ivanova-Tsotsova доц. д-р арх. Борислава Манчева-Велкова доц. д-р арх. Димитър Власарев Assoc. Prof. Dr. Architect Irena Spiridonova доц. д-р арх. Ина Ламбева ас. арх. Евгений Гацов ас. арх. Надя Митева ас. арх. Владимир Дамянов Urban Planning, Theory and History of Architecture
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Blagovesta Ivanova-Tsotsova

Assoc. Prof. Dr.

Department of Urban planning Theory and History of Architecture

Reception time:
Tuesday: 10:40-11:25; 14:00-14:45 ч.


Subjects taught in the department:
Bulgarian Art in the Context of European Art, 5 сем., 2014, Architecture
The Historical Context of Architecture, 1 сем., 2011, Preservation of Architectural Heritage
History of Ancient Architecture, 3 сем., 2014, Сivil Engineering and Architecture
History of Art , 1 сем., 2014, Сivil Engineering and Architecture
History of Art 1, 1 сем., 2014, Architecture
History of Art 2, 2 сем., 2014, Architecture
History of Medieval Architecture, 4 сем., 2014, Architecture
History of Medieval Architecture, 4 сем., 2014, Сivil Engineering and Architecture
Теория и история на дизайна , 1 сем., 2017, Дизайн
Artistic components of immovable cultural heritage, 2 сем., 2011, Preservation of Architectural Heritage
Artistic components of immovable cultural heritage, 8 сем., 2014, Architecture
History of art, 1 сем., 2011, Сivil Engineering and Architecture


1978 – 1983

Moscow State University M. V. Lomonosov

Scientific Subject

05.08.04 Art history and visual arts, MSc


PhD, 1996 – Institute for Art History, Bulgarian Academy of Science


History of Art and Architecture

Prefessional Experience


Associate Professor


Member of editorial board of “Nauka” magazine, organ of Union of Bulgarian Scientists

2005 – 2006

part-time professor at VSU

2013 – 2015


1995 -2013

Chief Curator at the National Art Gallery

Curator at the Department of Modern Bulgarian Art, division of Bulgarian Revival Art

1983 - 1994

Curator at the Department Graphic Art

Research interests

Bulgarian Revival Art, Revival Portrait genre, Comparative researches of East and Central and Europe Art of 16-19 c., Bulgarian heritage in Constantinople, Museology, Synthesis between Architecture and the Arts, Preservation of Cultural Heritage.

The Doctoral thesis represents contemporary analyses and new structure of the popular in the scientific researches of 20 c. artistic form as the portrait genre in the ecclesiastical space in the time of the transition from the Medieval time to the Bulgarian Revival. The Postdoctoral thesis represents the parallels between the portrait genre of Bulgarian revival and the similar stage processes developed in the countries of Central and East Europe in 16-18 c. The Monograph “The Portrait in the time of Bulgarian Revival”, 2001 examines the next stage of the development of the portrait of Bulgarian revival period: the times of genesis the civil forms in the art. The connection of the civil portrait with the ecclesiastical portrait is especially analyzed.

The studying in the fields of the History of Architecture focus on the Bulgarian St Stefan church (1849-1898)| in Constantinople/Istanbul. The terrain and archive works are published. St Stefan church is included in the history succession of temples of the world.

The critical analyses about the developing of leading museums in the light of National museology conception and strategy is used method in the field of Museology. The cases of building construction, functions and preservation of the collections are published.

The classes focus on the synthesis of architecture, arts and the preservation of the works of art in them. This principle follows in the textbook on History of arts for students who study Architecture. The textbook is based on ten-year teaching experience and overlooks the problematic moments for the students, such as the perception and reproduction of the studying material.

Key words: Bulgarian Revival Art; Bulgarian Heritage in Constantinople; Museology; Comparative researches of Central and East European Art of ХVІ–ХІХ c.; Architectural history; Synthesis of Architecture and Arts

Member of professional organizations

Member of Union of Scientists in Bulgaria and Science Secretary of Section of History.

Member of AICA (Association internationale des critiques d’art).

Member of Union of Pulgarian Painters, Section of Critic of Art.

Learning Appliances

Web courses: Art history; History of Architecture of Ancient times and Antiquity; History of Medieval Architecture; Art History for Students of Сivil Engineering and Architecture, Architecture in Historical Context, books for Art History vol 1q Sofiaq 2015q vol. 2, Sofia 2017, Siela edt.


Автор на над 100 публикации, от които: 32 публикации са в реферирани и рецензирани издания и 13 от цитиранията на автора са в реферирани и рецензирани издания.

„Full register of the Scientific Publications”

„Register of Списък със Notice Citations of the Publications


Central European University – Prague, Budapest - 1997-1999

Expert activity

Expert of National Cultural Low of Movable heritage, article 96

Member of Commission of Arts at the National Commission for Professional Education and Training

Cord Expert for Cord-Art historian expertizes at the Sofia Town Cord



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