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University of Structural Engineering & Architecture
(VSU) "Lyuben Karavelov" - Sofia

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Procedure for Establishment of a PhD Students

Self-study in VSU "L. Karavelov" – Sofia

I. The applicant for a PhD student self-study files at the register office of VSU the following documents:

  1. Application to the Rector for preparing a doctoral dissertation;
  2. Degree, master's degree and a notarized copy or certificate of higher education recognised, if a diploma is issued abroad;
  3. Curriculum vitae;
  4. A draft of a dissertation (in writing), including at least 50% of the expected final volume;
  5. List of publications and citations (if any).

II. The prospective PhD student shall be informed that their documents are examined by the Commission. In the email/ letter it shall be indicated whether the documents are intended for evaluation of the submitted dissertation project or they should be complemented or refine.

III. The applicant for a PhD student reported on the dissertation in front of the extended deparment council. The presentation shall be made at the discretion of the prospective PhD student. If the prospective Phd student is from abroad, they may report by videoconference. The PhD student may propose their scientific consultant.

IV. The prospective PhD student and the scientific consultant prepare an individual curriculum which is submitted to the head of the department.

V. The prospective PhD student shall be informed if their dissertation project is endorsed by the faculty council. If the individual curriculum has not been endorsed by the council, the prospective PhD student has to develop a new curriculum with another, proposed by the department, scientific consultant.

VI. The prospective PhD student shall receive a proposal to sign an agreement for training at VSU, with signed by the Rector of VSU draft Treaty and an individual curriculum included.



The terms and conditions under which you and the members of your families enter, reside and leave the Republic of Bulgaria shall take place in laws and procedures depending on citizenship:


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