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University of Structural Engineering & Architecture
(VSU) "Lyuben Karavelov" - Sofia

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Building Structures

Degree Master
Degree Program Civil Engineering
Specialization Building Structures
Professional Qualification: Construction Engineer – Constructor
Professional Direction Architecture, Engineering and Geodesy
Official Length of Program: Full-time – 1.5 academic years
Access Requirement(s) Bachelor's degree (four years) in the same or appropriate related field; or foreign equivalent

Qualification Characteristics: the graduated with this degree and specialization acquire professional qualities that give them the opportunity to perform the following activities:

  • Preparation of construction projects of construction-sites with significant capacity and increased complexity in the full range of buildings and installations;
  • Management and control of the buildings and installations construction in conformity with the approved projects and technical requirements as well as the preparation of the necessary technical documentation;
  • Scientific research activity related to calculation and measurement of construction structures;
  • Research and projecting of significant in its capacity and complexity construction structures in new construction, renovation and reinforcement;
  • Experimental research and investigation of construction structures and installations and their separate elements and details;
  • Teaching in Higher Schools.

The Academic Curriculum is prepared on the grounds of the Higher Education Act, state requirements for the degree “master“ and the relevant decrees and regulations by a working commission selected from the academic staff of VSU.

The education of the full-time students is organized in two semesters with length of education 15 weeks. The weekly academic workload during the semesters is 28 hours each. The total academic workload is 840 hours.

The education of the part-time students is organized in five semesters (I st academic year – 3 semesters, II academic year – two semesters) with length of education 2 weeks each semester. Total academic work load 424 hours.

The total amount of compulsory subjects is 11 and for the elective is 4.

In the academic curriculum for each subject are determined credits on ECTS that gives opportunity for greater mobility of the students. The total amount of the credits for a course of education is 75. The students receive the definite number of credits for each subject after the countersigning of the semester and the successfully passed semester examination or current evaluation.

The education ends with the elaboration and defense of a diploma work. The term for the preparation of the diploma work is 12 weeks and for reviewing and defense – 1 week. Theme of the diploma work can be:

  • Building or Installation Project that includes variant decisions with comparative assessments and comment for the applicability and construction calculations of different types of elements with view of the used methods, normative documents (there must be cited at least 4) and formulas;
  • Research Task on the matter of calculation, measurement or experimental research of construction structures and its elements.

The diploma-leading professor according to the professional interests of the student chooses the theme and the task of the diploma project.



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