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University of Structural Engineering & Architecture
(VSU) "Lyuben Karavelov" - Sofia

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Dimitar Atanasov Dimitrov

Personal Data


“Lyuben Karavelov” Civil Engineering Higher School,
Department of Mathematic,
175 Suhodolska Str., 1373 Sofia, Bulgaria


(+359 2) 80 29 133 Fax: (+359 2) 80 29 119



1977 - 1881

Ph. D. in Heat Transfer and Thermodynamics , Institute of Energetic “G.M.Krjijanovskogo”, Moscow, Russia.

1969 - 1973

M. Sc. Heat Transfer and Thermodynamics for Industrial needs – Technical University, Sofia, Bulgaria

Professional experience

2009 – present

Assoc .Professor in Physics and thermodynamics,“L. Karavelov” Civil Engineering Higher School, Sofia,

1996 – 2010

Assoc. Professor, Low temperature laboratory, Institute of Solid State Physics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia

1987 – 1996

Ch. Assistant, Low temperature laboratory, Institute of Solid State Physics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia

1981 – 1987

Assistant, Low temperature laboratory, Institute of Solid State Physics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia

1977 - 1981

PhD student, Institute of Energetic “G. M. Krjijanovskogo”, Moscow, Russia.

1974 – 1977

Research Fellow, Low temperature laboratory, Institute of Solid State Physics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia

Recent Grants/Fellowships

-December 2011, short visit at Cranfield University, Sports Surface and Nanotechnology Institute in the School of Applied Science, Cranfield, UK.

-Specialized course for learning professional English for teachers , NBU Center for Foreign Languages​​, Operational Programme "Human Resources" (2007-2013);

-Work in the International Laboratory for strong magnetic fields and low temperatures in Wroclaw, Poland;

-Work in the Research Center Demokritos, Athens, Greece.

Fields of interest

Heat transfer, magnetism, superconductivity, energy efficiency.

Lectures at international conferences and workshops

Lectures at many International Conferences and Workshops

Invited lecturer at the Second IIR Conference on Magnetic cooling ant ambient temperatures, Portoroz, Slovenia -2007.

Invited lecturer at the First IIR Conference on Magnetic Cooling ant ambient temperatures, Montreux, Swiss - 2005.

Membership in Professional Organizations

Member of the General Assembly of BAS - Representative of ISSP;

Member of the Scientific Council of ISSP;

Member of the Expert Council on temperature measurements of the State Agency for Metrology;

Evaluation experts in direct competition "Promoting research in state schools";

Foundion member of the Working Party of the International Conference on magnetic cooling at ambient temperature;

Representative of Bulgaria in the International Institute of Refrigeration, based in Paris, France;

Member of the Commission A1 " Cryophysics and cryoengineering";

Secretary of the Department "Plastics" to the Union of NTS in Bulgaria;

Member of the Association of Physicists in Bulgaria.


Bulgarian – native




Main publications:

  1. Legislative framework and energy efficiency in the European Union and the Republic of Bulgaria, Alexiev A., Laz, A., Dimitrov, D., Pieperov N., International Scientific-Technical Conference Dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the IISS-MSSU Faculty and CBC, Russia, 17-19 March 2011 pp. 236-240.

  2. Performance of a gravity copper heat-exchanger, D. Dimitrov, S. Gasharov, 11th Int. Sci. Conference VSU' 2011, pp. I-181- 185.

  3. Correlation between magnetostriction and polarization in orthorhombic manganites, I. Radulov, V. Lovchinov, D. Dimitrov, P. Simeonova, V. Nizankovskii, Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials, vol. 1, № 3, 2009, pp. 436 – 439.

  4. Structure, magnetic and superconducting properties of MoSr2HoCu2O8-δ, N. Balchev, K. Nenkov, G. Mihova, B. Kunev, J. Pirov, D.A. Dimitrov, Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 321, (2009), pp. 388–391.

  5. Chemometric Assessment of River Water During a Flood Event., P. Simeonova, V. Lovchinov,D. Dimitrov and I. Radulov, ECOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY AND ENGINEERING A, Vol. 15, № 3 (2008).

  6. I. Radulov, V. Lovchinov, D. Dimitrov, P. Simeonova and Ph. Vanderbemden, Magnetic and transport properties of HoMnO3 monocrystals, Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced materials, Vol. 11, 10- 2009, pp. 1553 - 1556.

  7. Coorelation between polarization and magnetostriction in orthorhombic manganites, I. Radulov, V. Lovchinov, D. Dimitrov, A. Apostolov, International conference of super-conductivity and magnetism ICSM-2008, August, 25-29, 2008-SIDE, Antalya, Turkey.

  8. Comportamiento De Nanopartículas De Magnetita Recubiertas En Un Campo Magnético Alternante, Frío-calor y aire acondicionado, № 405, 2008 , pр. 12-19.



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