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University of Structural Engineering & Architecture
(VSU) "Lyuben Karavelov" - Sofia

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Practical Information

Requirements for staying in Bulgaria (entry visa regime)
According to the Bulgarian legislation every foreigner must have a valid passport or other document of identity upon entering the country.
No entry visas are required for citizens of the states-members of the European Union. Prospective students from non-EU countries are advised to visit the Internet site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria ( in order to be sure whether an entry visa is required in their case, or to apply directly to the respective Bulgarian Embassy or Consulate abroad. Within 24 hours from their arrival to Bulgaria foreign citizens must register at the Foreign Citizens Passport Office (48, Maria Louisa Blvd, Sofia) in case they have not been accommodated in a hotel.
Average cost of living in Sofia

Currency: Bulgarian Lev (BGN)
1 BGN ≈ 0.50 EUR
1 BGN ≈ 0.55 USD
Room in the students' dormitories at VSU campus: BGN 100,00 (≈ 50 EUR) per month; Students, wishing to rent a flat in Sofia, will be directed to real estate agents.
Tentative rent prices, depending on the location, size and comfort offered:

  • Individual accommodation: USD 1,86/m2-4,86/m2 per month (costs of heating, electricity, hot and cold water excluded)
  •  Rented room: USD 50,00-150,00 per month (costs of heating, electricity, hot and cold water excluded)
  • Hotel: USD 55,00-180,00 per night, depending on the location and category.

Public transport (trams, trolleybuses, buses, Metro): BGN 1,00 per ticket, valid from entering the transport vehicle to getting off, the travelled distance irrelevant.
The city transport also offers subscription cards with various price deductions.
Private carriers
•    Route taxi (minibuses, doing trips on specific routes, but the difference from public transport is that they have no fixed bus stops): BGN 1,50 per ticket, valid from entering the transport vehicle to getting off, the travelled distance irrelevant.
•    Taxi: approx. BGN 0,80/km (day tariff) / 1,00/km (night tariff)
•    In Bulgaria there are also offices of both international (Hertz) and Bulgarian companies for rent a car.
VSU offers lunch and dinner at the students' cafeteria on the average BGN 4,00 (≈ 2 EUR) for lunch or dinner.
The rooms at the students' dormitories have no kitchen section for cooking your own meal.
Tentative prices of major foodstuffs for direct consumption, offered by the shops network:
Bread: BGN 0,40-0,80
Sausages: BGN 5,00-15,00/kg
Dairy products: BGN 2,00-8,00/kg
Milk/Yoghurt: BGN 1,0-3,00/litre
Fruits and vegetables: BGN 1,00-5,00/kg
Beer: BGN 0,60-2,00/bottle
Tentative prices of public catering facilities (according to categories):
Main course: BGN 4,00-15,00
Soft drink: BGN 0,60-2,00/200ml
Beer/Glass of wine: BGN 2,00-3,00
Other expenses
Cinema/Theatre/Concert: BGN 5,00/ticket-15,00/ticket
Discotheque (Dance Club, Live music): BGN 5,00 entry fee



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