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University of Structural Engineering & Architecture
(VSU) "Lyuben Karavelov" - Sofia

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Computer Centre

Computer Centre
Noposition, namephone
(+359 2)
1Head of Computer Centre
Stoyanka Malcheva-Yakova
80 29
2System Administrator
Ivan Vartolomeev
80 29 127
(80 29 042)

In 1985 in the Rector's Office Building there has been established and functions the Computer Centre. In it there has been equipped modern computer halls, lecture hall, informatics cabinets, server room and personnel office.

For all computers in the center and for the rest of the computers in the school there has been built and supported local computer net. It is administrated by three net servers and an Internet server through which the Internet is spread to all computers in the net, there is supported an E-mail server and the school's Web site. All professors and students that wish can use also free Internet through dial-up connection at their homes.

The three net servers support the system of passwords for access to the net in a strict hierarchy order in which the different users have access to certain information on the disc tract of the net. Apart from that there is also supported database with various information. For all users (including for every student) on the disc space on the servers there is a separate area to which has access the user him/herself.



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