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University of Structural Engineering & Architecture
(VSU) "Lyuben Karavelov" - Sofia

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Degree Program: Civil Engineering and Architecture
Professional Qualification: Engineer-Architect
Degree: Bachelor
Professional Direction: Architecture, Engineering and Geodesy
Field of Higher Education: Technical Sciences
Official Length of Program: 4 academic years
Mode of Study : Full-time

The Academic Curriculum is prepared on the grounds of the Bulgarian Higher Education Act, State Requirements for the Bachelor's degree and the relevant decrees and regulations according to the traditions and specifics of education of the VSU students and of Architectural education in Bulgaria.

The Academic Curriculum includes general, architectural and engineering subjects that are qualified according the requirements of Higher Education Act – compulsory, elective and optional. 31 of them end with a semester examination and 22 with current marks.

There are foreseen compulsory physical education and sports activities 240 total hours from the I semester till VIII semester (30 hours per semester). The physical education and sports activities end with the countersigning in the student's record book by the leading teacher (trainer).

After the compulsory hours in foreign language the students are given the opportunity for additional hours in the respective foreign language.

The students must elaborate and defend 18 course projects which evaluations are included in the academic records and the enclosures of the diplomas. The marks on the course tasks of 10 subjects are also included in the academic records and the enclosures of the diplomas.



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