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University of Structural Engineering & Architecture
(VSU) "Lyuben Karavelov" - Sofia

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Erasmus programme

This information is only for international student applicants, all Bulgarian applicants should contact the Academic Affairs Department directly.

Application and admission of international students

Exchange students (Erasmus Programme)

Who can apply?
Students from partner universities can apply within the ERASMUS Programme.

Application procedure

  • If you want to study at VSU as Erasmus student, just go to the International Relations Office of your home university or to the ERASMUS coordinator of your university, and ask whether there is signed a bilateral agreement between your home university and VSU.
  • Please, notify by e-mail or by fax the VSU’ International Relations Office for your intention to study at VSU as Erasmus student in order to receive the application form for exchange students, as well as the complete information concerning the enrolment procedure.
  • Please, ask the ERASMUS coordinator of your home university for assistance in the preparation of your individual programme of studies which you will follow at VSU and which must be agreed in writing between your home university, your host university and yourself (the Learning Agreement). There are possibilities at VSU for individual instruction and for working out course/final projects in English, German or French language.
  • After your application is considered and accepted, you will receive a letter of acceptance, in which details will be given about the beginning of the tuition. Only students whose names have been confirmed by their home university coordinator can be accepted to participation in the exchange programme.

Erasmus students don't pay university fees at VSU.

Application deadlines for exchange students:

  • For the Winter Semester:   15 August
  • For the Summer Semester: 15 February

We must receive your application before the last day of the deadline.


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