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University of Structural Engineering & Architecture
(VSU) "Lyuben Karavelov" - Sofia

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Academic Calendar

The Аcademic year in VSU starts in mid-September and is built up of two semesters: winter and summer semesters. Both semesters start with a registration period which is followed by the study period and an examination period afterwards.
The general structure of the Аcademic year is:
Semester I (Winter)                
Registration period: mid-September
Study period: mid-September – end of December
Examination period: January/early February

Semester II (Summer)                              
Registration period: early February
Study period: early February – mid-May
Examination period: mid-May – early July

In semester II (Summer) there is a one-week Spring break around Easter (in March or April).
Summer vacation lasts from the end of semester II (Summer ) until the beginning of semester I (Autumn).


Semester I (Winter)  
Opening Ceremony (for Bulgarian students, in Bulgarian) 14 September 2015 (Monday)
Study period  
First day of tuition (in Bulgarian) 14 September 2015 (Monday)
Orientation Days (for international students, in English) 1-2 October 2015 (Wednesday–Friday)
First day of tuition (in English) 5 October 2015 (Monday)
Last day of tuition (in Bulgarian) ?? December 2015 (Friday)
Last day of tuition (in Bulgarian) ?? December 2015 (Friday)
Vacation ?? December 2015 - ?? January 2016
Examination period  
First day ?? January 2016
Last day ?? January 2016
Supplementary Session ?? - ?? February 2016


Semester 2 (Summer)  
Summer registration period 1-5 February 2016 (Monday-Friday)
Study period  
First day of tuition ?? February 2016 (Monday)
Spring break  
Last day of tuition ?? May 2016 (Friday)
Examination period  
First day  
Last day  
Supplementary Session  





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