International Conference
5-6 June 2014

Dear participants in VSU'2014,
Both the four volumes of Proceedings
and the Final Program
of conference have been prepared.
If you have any concerns about the distribution of your report, please contact.
Organising Committee of VSU'2014



Youth Forum „Green Building for our Future“

"Green Building for Our Future" Youth Forum will be organized for the second time as an accompanying event of the International Scientific Conference VSU '2014. It involves students and PhD students, but it is open to teachers and professors.

The objective of the forum is to share the youth thoughts and ideas on the challenges and priorities for the construction and operation of buildings with minimal impact on the environment. In the first part of the meeting young people will have the opportunity to present their vision through presentations and oral statements. Then, in a moderated discussion, ideas of improving the quality of buildings on extending and updating the classical concepts of building design, in accordance with the economy, usefulness, durability and comfort will be brought out.

The forum will be held on June 6, 2014 from 10:00 to 12:00 in the Conference Hall of UESA (VSU) "L.Karavelov".