International Conference
5-6 June 2014

Dear participants in VSU'2014,
Both the four volumes of Proceedings
and the Final Program
of conference have been prepared.
If you have any concerns about the distribution of your report, please contact.
Organising Committee of VSU'2014



Forms of Participation

Participants in the scientific part of the Conference VSU '2014 can participate through the following forms:

  • Presentation
  • Poster
  • Listener
  • Part-time (correspondent)  participant

Descriptions of types of participation.

Presentation represents the oral presentation of the scientific paper. The resource for the presentation is a multimedia projector. There will be no possibility for back-projectors or slide- projectors. Therefore, it is recommended all the support materials to be digitized. When preparing *.doc/ *.docx, *.ppt/ *.pptx/, *.pps/*. *. ppsx. or *.pdf files use standard fonts or embed all the non-standard fonts in the file.

The duration of the presentation is 15 minutes, including the discussion, i.e. answers to questions. For a more dynamic implementation of the presentations, before the beginning of each session the technical person must be given the presentation on a flash drive or optical media. If you plan to use sound during the presentation, please let the secretary of the Organizing Committee know.

Poster represents another form of presentation that allows quick and comprehensive perception of the idea of the presentation. This type of participation is recommended when most of the issues can be illustrated graphically or in expected interest from a large number of participants. A poster allows individual details to be discussed in direct personal contact with the author.

The poster should be prepared on a single worksheet with the following dimensions: width – 75-90 cm, height – 100-120 cm, "portrait" orientation for a better visualization of the details. At the top of the poster title and authors should be placed. In this part except the title and authors, an extended summary in English have to be submitted. Size of the text, illustrations and graphics must be large enough to be read from a distance of about 1.5 – 2 m. In the VSU campus there is a copy center, where within a few minutes and at low price you can print your poster.

The duration of exposure, discussion and evaluation of the posters is 60 minutes. For a more precise implementation of the poster sessions it is necessary posters to be installed in designated places before the beginning of each session.

Students have to submit only posters.

Listener participates in the conference without a presentation or a poster. The listener may participate in all sessions and accompanying events.

There is an opportunity for a part-time (correspondent) participation, which is a publication of a paper after the review by a member of the International Scientific Committee. Part-time participants will not receive all the materials of the Conference.

Corporative presentations can be the following three types:

  • Corporative presentation
  • Exhibition
  • Demonstration

Corporative presentation does not differ from the oral presentation, except that the time limit is 30 minutes of exposure, questions and discussions. This will not be included in the Conference materials set.

The Exhibition constitutes the provision of a private stand near the Conference halls and the registration desk. For the demonstration it is necessary a special secure and equipped place to be prepared, the conditions for which shall be agreed with the person responsible for the corporative presentations – Assoc. Prof. Eng. Lachezar Hrischev, PhD (l.hrischev@abv.bg).

The participants in the Youth Forum "Green Construction for Our Future" are students and they have no limits in the manner and type of their presentations. They may present presentations, videos, drawings, posters, flyers, templates, etc., as the only condition is that they must be attractive. There is a possibility several participants to do their presentation together.