Scientific Conference

June 9-10, 2016


The three volumes of Proceedings of conference have been prepared.
If you have any information, please contact.
Organising Committee of VSU'2016

Тhe contents
of the three volumes
of the Proceedings are:

Contents of 1st Volume

Contents of 2nd Volume

Contents of 3rd Volume







One registration fee for the Conference allows publication of up to two papers. They can be written and published in English or Bulgarian. Papers will be published in the „Proceedings of International Scientific Conference VSU'2016“ in the form of articles. Each article and its abstract will be reviewed by independent, anonymous reviewers, and in most cases they are members of the International Scientific Committee of VSU’2016. The Proceedings consist of several volumes, arranged by the editors – Prof. Doncho Partov, PhD and Assoc. Prof. Ventseslav Stoyanov, PhD (Chairman and Vice- Chairman of the Organising Committee of VSU’2016).

The Proceedings of VSU’2016 are identified with International Standard Serial Number, which will be ISSN: 1314-071X. It will be published on paper and optical media (CD), containing the publication in pdf- format with the capability for color printouts. The authors of papers hold the copyright on their articles, so they are responsible for the content of their paper. The organisers of the VSU and editors are not responsible for the content of the articles and the consequences if the authors have caused problem with their publication. USEA (VSU) is a publisher and it is authorized to offer and distribute the Proceedings. The fact that you will participate in the International Scientific Conference VSU’2016 means that you have read and agreed to these terms.  Directory of Conferences, conventions, exhibits, seminars, workshops, events, trade shows and business meetings. Includes calendar, dates, location, web site, contact and registration information.